Dr. Liu's Methods



 Dr. Liu's acupuncture is combined with hypnosis, and it can be used primarily to handle disorders like:

- pain issues: shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

- Neurological diseases: including stroke, parkinson's disease, and dementia.

- Mental disorders: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and insomnia.

- Cancer: to reduce the side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation,inclusion nausea, volition, and fatigue.

-to prepare for pregnancy he uses special technique to cleanse and transform karma for the fetus. 

Holographic Hypnosis


Dr. Liu Dong's "Holographic Hypnosis" focuses on the communication between the five organ spirits. This method can bring the patient's mind return to the initial stage of life, and to form the posture of the fetus unconsciously. After the purification of the 5 internal organs and brain, the patient enters into a state of the subconscious. By result, constrained emotions, traumatic injuries, and diseases can eventually be transformed and dissolved. 



Meditation is used to transform  "Thousand Thoughts" into one intention, by returning into inner world. It allows one to achieve wisdom. The lake is clean without wind, and the mind is calm without motion. Dr. Liu's meditation has 4 levels: stillness, calm, emptiness, and inspiration. 

Qi Gong


Qi means energy; Gong means skills. 

There are 5 kinds of energy where each energy has different functions. We  practice Qigong by harmonizing the mind intentionally. We  harmonize the breathing in order to awaken our innate Qi and enhance the health and to transform mental and physical illnesses. 

Herbal Medicine


 In TCM, each organ has a spirit. If an organ's function is impaired, the spirit of this organ will also be compromised. The different stage of organ damage are: stagnation of Shen (spirit), stagnation of qi, stagnation of the blood, stagnation of the body. Dr Liu's herbal method is focus on 5 Organ Shen stagnation. Through connecting  the organ-shen, the person can smooth qi, purify Blood, and then transform the disease. 

Method for the Eyes


This method, called Pearl of the Moon, is associated with the practice of stretching the whole body to improve the eyes. Pearl of the Moon works by activating the sympathic system and regulates the movement of the ciliary muscle. It strengthens the ocular traction and restores radiance to the eyes.